Shelves made with pallet boards and leather belts


I liked this idea for its ease of implementation, but mostly because we all have these materials in our house to do it, and the result is not only shocking , it’s also very nice and despite it has a very modern look it can fit perfectly in a classic décor, where natural materials and old furniture have prominence.

Making it is very simple and the ingredients are also easy to get , we just need 2 old leather belts, better made of leather to give a greater category to this furniture, and also a pair of wooden boards. Obviously the easiest way to get these boards is to go to our free and beloved wooden pallets .



So only we have dismantle a pallet to obtain a couple of boards, here we explain you how to disassemble them easily, then with the 2 closed belts we have to cover the same size, this is important because if not the shelf will be inclined, so if we need to do a hole in one of the belts to make them have the same length do it. Then wrap the tables with the belts and nail some nails until they are well fixed, as you can see in the picture. Finally nail belts on a wall to hold the shelves.

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