Use the space under your stairs with pallets


If you have an underutilized space under your stairs, I propose you this great idea, to place several wooden pallets for use them like a bookshelf. No matter what you want to keep there, you can put books, magazines, wine bottles, files etc. anything as long as it fits inside the pallets.

To realize this idea is very simple, we just have to stack the pallets inside the hollow under your stairs until you fill the entire space, obviously the pallets should be placed in a phased manner, in order to be adapted to the slope of the stairs, you also have to cut them to align them by the other side.

Another good option can be the one that you see in the picture, paint them with varied colors to bright up the room, but obviously the room must be decorated accorded to this option! You can also don’t paint them, the natural state of the wood always fits well in any kind of decoration.

Use the space under your stairs with pallets

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