Useful garage shelves made of pallets


This shelf can be very useful for your garage if you don’t know where to put your garage tools. To make a better use of the wooden pallets and obtain a more suitable dimensions due to the depth of the shelf, the pallets have been cut in a half. We need a radial saw to do so. You will also have to remove a lot of nails, here we show you how to do it easily.

Usefull garage shelves made of pallets

Usefull garage shelves made of pallets_2

 Usefull garage shelves made of pallets_3

 Usefull garage shelves made of pallets_4

We will align the pallets on the floor to start building the vertical structure.

 Usefull garage shelves made of pallets_5

To build the shelf, we will need some boards with the height that we are going to give to all the system, with this boards we will form the vertical structure of the shelf. The horizontal structure will be done with the same pallets that we have cut before in a half,  they’ll go fixed to the vertical slats, in the photos you can see very well explained all this concept.

 Usefull garage shelves made of pallets_6

Here you can see the end result of all the shelves mounted. For our safety and to make all the whole structure stronger, we can fix all the system to the wall.

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