Wine glass hanger for the kitchen with a pallet


This is a work from Carol that demonstrates how a single pallet can be very decorative and practical, even in a kitchen.

This idea helps us to gain a valuable space in a corner of you kitchen where there’s for example a countertop, and can be very useful for keeping the wine glasses upside-down, as the natural form of the pallet allows us to hang them without having to modify the pallet.

Wine glass hanger for the kitchen with a pallet

The furniture is a pallet cut, leaving an open space between the planks, so the glasses can be placed. In order to sustain this furniture 2 metal supports have been placed on the beams of the pallet, and are fixed by chains, so you got the cabinet fixed by 4 points, 2 on the pallet and 2 on the chains, this is what keeps the furniture cantilevered.

As an extra we can install a shelf above this system and win another extra space, very high, perfect to place pots and pans and have them very handy.

As always thanks Carol for sending us your projects, you have most of your house already furnished with pallets 🙂

Do you like this pallet shelf for the kitchen?