Wine rack for the dining room


Simone has sent us through our Facebook Fanpage this very nice piece of furniture. It’s a wine rack for the dining room made ​​from a single pallet, which also can be used to store the wineglasses. If you take a look searching this blog you will find many other ideas like this one, where Simone has certainly been inspired.

wine rack for the dinning room

To make the this furniture you will have to adapt a little pallet as the one on the image, you don’t have to make any big modifications, the point of this furniture is that it look likes a pallet, and that retains its original shape. So you only have to adapt it to work as a shelf, at the bottom of the pallet we’ll add a plank so then the bottles can be stored in it, and at the top we’ll place another one with small crossed cuts, so we can place the glasses upside down, very useful because although they are still wet they ‘ll get dry easily.

Finally sand and paint the pallet with varnish or paint, then hang it on the wall just like a picture. One of the easiest projects to build with pallets, and with very good results Simone 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!

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