Wine racks ideas made ​​with pallets


Wine racks ideas made ​​with pallets

Organize our wine bottles collection can be a headache, especially if you do’nt have an attic or an storage room where you can stack them in boxes, it’s usual that we put them somewhere in the house but we need furniture to do so. The pallets propose us some solutions to this task, like the one that we see in the photo above, dozens of pallets stacked in one of the walls of the house can allow us to keep all our bottles perfectly arranged.

 Wine racks ideas made ​​with pallets2

If you want something more elaborated this solution can be a good option, some cuts on the pallet boards will allow us to place all the bottles perfectly fitted into the pallet, also it is very original decor.

 Wine racks ideas made ​​with pallets3

A pallet on the wall can also be used as it was a shelf, putting a few boards and creating a tray that will not allow the bottles to fall of the shelf, if you also put a few bulbs on the top of the pallet it can become a very nice element of decoration.

 Wine racks ideas made ​​with pallets4

The same idea can also be useful but without having to create the trays, just making holes in the boards and placing the bottles upside down as you can see in the picture.

 Wine racks ideas made ​​with pallets5

But if you really want to create a bottle shelf this more elaborated option is certainly  the prettiest, but it requires much more work, placing a board on the bottom with some cuts may be used also to put there the wine glasses .

 Wine racks ideas made ​​with pallets6

And finally I show you these 2 concepts also making holes in the pallet. We may drill an entire pallet to use it as a wine rack, as you can se on the picture above , or work more this idea and create a more original furniture with the pallet boards, the holes will also help us to place the bottles .

Wine racks ideas made ​​with pallets7

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