A sofa for your garden made of pallets


Doing a sofa for the exterior of your home can be a little bit more complicated than other ideas that we have presented in this blog. The real beauty of this construction is its imperfection, as the pallets were designed for another purpose than being furniture. Building a sofa like this requires first a good design, to plan the parts and the dimesions that we are going to need, you should measure very well the boards that later we are going to use. Pay attention to the simplicity of the concept, we just have to remove the pallets that we need to start building the couch.

A sofa for your garden made of pallets

A sofa for your garden made of pallets_2

The example shown here it’s just to help you to understand the design, you know what is the best for you. The final product must be made ​​with much more care and have a more personal look, that will make feel it more like your couch. I recommend you also to find a place for the sofa in a covered courtyard, and not directly into the garden, the sofa will suffer the test of the time better if it’s not directly afected by the rain and the sun. When the clima will start to become worst (cold weather, rain, snow…), just keep the cushions inside of your house, the structure will suffer the weather well in the garden.

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