Amazing pallet cinema


Make a movie theater with pallets is something very easy, if you have a large space, an entire room dedicated to it, it can be your living room or a room of your house that you may have underutilized. In these photos you can see how useful may be for your film experiences …

Amazing pallet cinema 1

Amazing pallet cinema 2

I detail you in just 3 simple steps how to do it, but I guess you have no doubts about how to do his movie theater, anyway it never hurts a little explanation of help.

Amazing pallet cinema 3

To make the first height we need 10 squared as possible pallets, place them as I show you in the image.

Amazing pallet cinema 4

Then we’ll place two more rows of 4 pallets each (a total of 8 more pallets) at the end of the structure. You don’t need to fix the pallets between them, is more than enough just to stack them as they weigh a lot.

Amazing pallet cinema 5

Finally create mattresses and cushions in order to make the chill-out comfortable, you just you have to measure the space obtained and order the FOAM mattresses to an upholsterer, it will also be interesting to add some bolster pillows as the ones of the image or use several classic cushions.

And that’s it! as I have said is extremely easy, now you only have to add the screen and the projector into the room and start cooking your popcorn 🙂


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