An ottoman made ​​from a pallet


The ottoman is a stylish and very aristocratic furniture, very suitable for the living room. This furniture can be made from a pallet with no complications, since many of them have the adequate measures, so it does’nt involve a laborious carpentry work. In this post, you will notice that they have had more work upholstering the furniture than building it.

An ottoman made ​​from a pallet 2

An ottoman made ​​from a pallet 3

  An ottoman made ​​from a pallet 5

In the picture above, you can see that they have just cut a table of the pallet, in order to make the squared body and then upholster furniture. Also, they have been very careful taking care of the details such as the fabric, the buttons, the stuffing etc.

An ottoman made ​​from a pallet 4

Finally, they have set the legs that they have chosen for the ottoman to the structure, after applying a coat of  mahogany  varnish color.

An ottoman made ​​from a pallet

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