Auditorium made with wooden pallets


Our Chilean friends from have sent us a very interesting new project. It’s an auditorium completely made with wood pallets! obviously adapted for the occasion.

All the furniture, made literally in series, comes directly from the pallets, couches and tables are created with the wooden planks from the disassembled pallets. In any case if you wish to see examples and instructions on how to build this type of furniture, you can check the following links: sofas, tables and pallets.

Auditorium made with wooden pallets

Also the walls are coated with wooden pallet planks, you can see it clearly due to the rusticity of the result, here too you can see other examples.

The result is quite good, considering also that the roof structure it’s also built using wood. This combination of furniture, walls and structure, fits perfectly and justifies the use of the recycled pallets.

Auditorium made with wooden pallets 2

A good idea that dramatically reduces the cost of the whole construction, many items are made from recycled pallets, so if the numbers are compared with those of a conventional construction, they certainly be very positive. The result is excellent as you can see, you can appreciate the experience of this company with this kind of furniture, and also the commodity it’s remarkable, normally the auditoriums doesn’t have sofas for its visitors, they are furnished with chairs and benches.

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