Build a little sofa and reading corner


Today we present to you this curious piece of DIY pallet furniture, this design is worth more for its originality than for its ease of construction. This is a sofa reading corner where you can sit and read your books and magazines.

To build it it will be a little bit tricky, as we have to disassemble completely the pallets to obtain the wooden boards that are necessary to make the base, you can take a look here to know how to do it. Once this has been done, we’ll join the boards together making a triangular shape to fit in the corner of your room.


The base will be rised from the ground using some wooden wedges, which they also will be extracted from the pallets. They will be ubicated both in the laterals and in the center of the base, so then the wooden stucture, which is very flexible, would not collapse.

The back, which will also will be the support for our backs, will also be done with pallets. We only have to remove from the base the parts that give the height to the pallet, so it will be like the typical garden fence, (take a look here to see an example of a pallet garden fence). As is it shown on the photo, you can see that the origin of the back is a pallet virtually unchanged.

The seat will be build with a piece of a foam mattress, that can be cut with the measures you want. It can be either recycled as purchased new. Later we will cover it with a sheet or a fabric as we like.

Notice in the photo above that has also been added a decorative magazine rack made of a simple fabric.

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