Build a pallet sofa in just 3 easy steps


Do you want to get a couch like this one for your living room or playroom? You don’t like the DIY or just don’t want to complicate your life building very difficult furniture? No worries, with this technique you will succeed in creating a fashion sofa in the easiest way possible, easier than even assemble an IKEA couch and for free!

Build a pallet sofa in 3 easy steps 3

Build a pallet sofa in 3 easy steps 2

To build this sofa you’ll need only 6 pallets, any type of pallets will be useful although we always recommended to use europalets, for its robustness and quality to create furniture. We have to stack the pallets as you see in the picture, drawing a “L” in 3 stacks of two pallets each.

Build a pallet sofa in 3 easy steps 1

Then we have to buy and cut the foam for the sofa, we can order it in a specialized mattresses store, or buy the foam directly and cut it yourself. Don’t forget to also create the backrest using the same foam.

Build a pallet sofa in 3 easy steps 3

Finally we’ll do the finishings of the furniture, we have to upholster the foam with the proper fabric, again we can order it or do it ourselves. Also we’ll do the finishings of the pallets, some people just left them as they are, others sand them and even varnish or paint the pallets, don’t worry it’s your decision and all the options are good, depending on the finish that you want to give to the cabinet.

Add a few pillows to the couch to give to it a better appearance. You can use the spaces under the pallets to store things such as magazines, books or boxes with personal items.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the living room? Do you want to look for more pallet sofas?