Build with recycled wooden pallets a swinging sofa


This is an idea that a couple executed after copying a design that they saw in internet for a swinging sofa with pallets. Here we explain how to perform it. to execute this project we will need 4 pallets. The first step as happens in many other projects that we have seen here, is to decosntruct the wooden pallet, in this case they did it by cutting the boards with a radial saw, this allows you to easily obtain the piece of pallet that you want and the needed boards, but you don’t make profit of more other pieces of eood that remain with the nails fixed.

Build with pallets a rocker sofa

If you want to learn how to dismantle manually a pallet check this page: How do I deconstruct a wooden pallet?

Build with pallets a rocker sofa_2

 Build with pallets a rocker sofa_3

 Build with pallets a rocker sofa_4

Next we are going to do the seat of the sofa, for doing this we will use 2 long boards and we’ll nail through the shorter tables. In the case that we have deconstructed the pallet manually we’ll have to cut the boards to the needed length.

 Build with pallets a rocker sofa_5

 Build with pallets a rocker sofa_6

 Build with pallets a rocker sofa_7

In this phase we will do the back of the rocker sofa, this couple decided to do the back of 2 times the size of the seat, but the height can be changed depending on the idea of the designer. We’ll coonect the planks of the back with the support structure. To fix the back and the seat together we can either use metal brackets, remember that they have to support a very big weight, or make 2 armrest that will work as a brackets between the 2 perpendicular structures.

 Build with pallets a rocker sofa_9

Finally hang the rocker sofa with a chain to the ceiling and put some pillows or a mattress to make it more comfortable.

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