Construction of a swinging sofa easy to do with pallets


Today we want to present to you this simple swinging sofa completely made ​​with wooden pallets. We have seen other projects of pallet swings but a little bit more complicated to build, however this is quite easy, as it doesn’t requires to deconstruct any pallet.

We need 2 whole wooden pallets, 2 strips of wood to reinforce the swing structure and a long rope or a chain to hang it.

To build it we have to join both pallets perpendicularly, as a seat, in the picture you can see that we have also gift the back pallet a litle of tilt, we have also added 2 slats to triangulate the structure, you should get 2 slats long enough to reach both pallet ends. Finally we will paint or varnish it.

To hang the swing we will use the chain or rope that we have purchased. In the photo the chains have been fixed with some screws, it’s a good choice as well it will be well fixed, and these screws later have to support our weight. Another good way is to exploit the gaps of the pallets and pass the chain or the rope inside them.

Construction of a swing sofa easy to do with pallets

Finally we’ll place some cushions to make more comfortable to sit on the swing.

If you want to look for other swings made ​​with pallets I recommend you to visit the following link: “Build with recycled wooden pallets a swinging sofa“”Swing made with woden pallets

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