Decorate your garden with outdoor pallet furniture


Here’s a simple way to make outdoor pallet furniture.

They are based on the deconstruction of about 10 wooden pallets, once we have extract the nails and removed the tables, they are ready to build the furniture. Here you can see how to deconstruct these pallets: How to deconstruct wooden pallets?


Once we have deconstruct the pallets that we need, we have to choose the future dimensions of our furniture, a preliminary sketch will be enought to get an idea of how we are going to cut the slats, or if we finnally are going to need more pallets, anyway the sketch will be very helpfull.

To make the sofas we have to join the slats of the pallets, as if we were making a wall of low height, with 2 side edges forming the shape of a “U”, then in the center of the “U”, with the brackets at the sides, we are going to build a mattress or plain surface with more pallet slats, supporting them to the sides of the “U”. Finally we will put-on the cushions, they can be made ​​by us with foam and fabric, or we can buy them at any store,  you choose.

Finally we can build the little table, with the rest of the boards cutted from the wooden pallets, you just have to put them together to form another small “U”, putted upside-down, so the long face will be used as a table, perfect to left some magazines or a cup of tea. And then we’ll get a simple and economical outdoor pallet furniture!

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