DIY Furniture set: A sofa with pallets and a Table with a wooden coil


Gilberto sends us this nice couch made with pallets, and also combined with a table made with recycled wooden coil which fits perfectly.

 DIY Furniture set A sofa with pallets and a Table with a wooden coil

The sofa has been built using 6 wooden pallets, all cut to obtain the desired shape for the sofa since all the pallets are considerably large.

The seat is made with 4 cut and stacked pallets. If you look closely to the pallets, you can appreciate that they have been cut from the front, and that the frontal beam has been reattached. So it seems that the pallets are somewhat shorter, but the position of the center beam center, slightly moved forward, reveals that they have been modified.

The Backrest is also built with 2 pallets of the same dimensions cut down by the middle, just where is the central beam, and they are simply fixed on the back of the seat perpendicularly.

To make a more comfortable couch, it has been lifted from the ground using 6 wooden blocks that also come from the wooden pallets. Finally Gilberto has placed on the seat a mattress made of foam, cut to the size and upholstered.

DIY Furniture set A sofa with pallets and a Table with a wooden coil 2

All the wooden pallets and the wooden coil have been painted using the same varnish hue, in order to achieve the same color on all the furniture.

An excellent set of furniture for a young living room or even a playroom, economical and practical. Thanks Gilberto for sending it, I’m sure that many of our followers will copy your idea.

For everyone else if you want to send us your pictures of furniture made from recycled pallets, drive them to our Facebook fanpage and send me a message with some photographs.

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