Easy to do pallet sofa


Today we want to present you a very easy way to make a sofa with pallets. The idea is very easy to run and we only need 4 pallets.

First of all you must place two pallets one besides the other one to form the seat for the couch, so we will have the basis, we can link them together with glue, but this is not essential. Then just cut a pallet into 2 pieces, dividing by 2 the central cross in order to have two small pallets, we will use these pallets to make the arms of the sofa as you can see in the following picture.



The last step to make the structure of the sofa is to put the back, we’ll do this using the last pallet, we will fix it to the base structure and also the sides to hold it well, we can give it a little nod or put it completely perpendicular to the base .

Finally we will do the upholstery, there are several ways to do this but I will show you the one we used in the picture. In this case we recycled several cushions that were no longer to be used, and with this old cushions we create new ones, filling them with the materials of the recycled cushions. You can see the result at the photography.

If you want to see the instructions and the step by step plans on how to make this sofa don’t hesitate to visit the following link:


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