DIY pallet furniture home theater to watch your favorite movies


If there is an extra space in your home and you would like to have real home theater, or just a chill-out stand, we recommend you this great DIY pallet furniture idea. All you’ll need to build it are 24 pallets for the doing the seats, and some cushions to make it a comfortable place once you have placed them.

You can get the standard wooden pallets  in a lot of places: Where to buy wooden pallets? Looking for wooden pallets and safety

home theater to watch your favorite movies_2

The pallets have been painted to fit in with the decor of the room and also have a more clean look like. We have also stacked and joined them together by fixing them. On the laterals of the wooden structure you can take advantage of the spaces between the pallets to store your DVD’s, books and magazines…

 home theater to watch your favorite movies

The space itself is a design a little bit “chic” just look at the pallet that holds the TV… and everything in general … but you can get what is the general idea of the project, it could feed perfectly in a youth hostel or a cool students house.

If you have the space and you don’t want to spend a lot of money in sofas etc… and also having to build a sloping floor… this idea is definitely for you, and it’s really easy to execute! you don’t need any carpenteer experience.

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