How to construct a garden lounge with wooden pallets


Garden Lounge:

This is a fantastic pallet futniture idea if you want to construct and easy-made garden lounge. If you have enough space in your garden and you would like to use it as a relaxing place, just for drink some cocktails alone or with your friends, but you don’t want to spend the a lot of money and, even more DIY is not your thing … I present you this magnificent pallet furniture option.


You need some recycled pallets to build your lounge, and a wall which will be the support for the cushions. The idea is to use the pallets as a mattress only, to give the lounge some height, and then we will use the wall as a back, so we will save some pallets and work.

First of all we will place the pallets along the wall, we can clean them up and paint them or just leave them as they are. We will also need some cushions to make the back of the seat, we can buy everything at any mall or simply we can build them with foam and cover later with a fabric, the mattress that will be the seat can also be recicled from an old bed or whatever.

Remember to use a lot of cushions, this will improve the effect of the decoration and will occult the wooden pallets.

So that’s it! you have your own lounge, just enough to get some pallets and cushions as the work itself to do it is very littleyou just need some pallets and cushion a little of work, just that, all the process it’s very simple a easy to do..

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