Garden furniture made with pallets


You can find These garden furniture in the Fairplay Padel Club in Barcelona. This photo highlights as wooden pallets are so fashionable actually, and how easy is to found them in many shops and business.

In this case we can see that this is a garden furniture, 2 chairs and 2 tables to rest between paddle games. All the furniture has been made with European pallets.

Garden furniture made with pallets (2)

 Garden furniture made with pallets

The tables have been made with 2 pallets stacked one above the other and with a glass top.

 Garden furniture made with pallets (3)

The seats are made ​​with 3 stacked pallets and the last has been adapted to hold a backrest. The backrest is also made with a pallet and attached to the seat with 2 wooden blocks.

The cushions are made of foam and upholstered, also the cushions have been sewn to the pallets so they can not fall.

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