Office furnished with pallets and fruit boxes


Fruit crates and pallets, is just what these two guys have needed to furnish their office, is as simple as get close to a fruit distributor, there are hundreds of boxes and pallets and you can easily get them.

Office furnished with pallets and fruit boxes 1

Office furnished with pallets and fruit boxes 2

To make the shelves they just have nailed some fruit boxes against the wall, so they can use the space inside the box and its upper part as shelves. Here you can see more examples of shelves made from recycled fruit boxes.

The desks were made with pallets and wooden planks from the pallets. the top is a pallet covered with a glass to obtain a flat surface, then the wooden pallet has been lifted from the floor using multiple pallet planks, which work as the table legs. It is a table similar to this one but with longer legs.

Finally there is also an armchair made ​​of pallets in the room, in this post you can see how to build it with 3D drawings that explain the whole process.

All the furniture was polished with a sander and painted in black, so then the end is cleaner and more serious, much more suitable for an office.

As you can see to furnish an office using pallets is not impossible, the result is good and there is not very laborious. It may be a good idea if your business is related to ecology, recycling… or may simply be a good idea whatever in which industry your company is 🙂

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