Outdoor sofa and table made with pallets


Florence has worked hard this summer to create this outdoor sofa and table with pallets for the garden.

Using europallets in a very simple and basic way, just stacking them and creating a backrest with the whole pallets, he has managed to obtain an ideal outdoor long-suffering couch. Then he has painted it with a brown color, which goes well with the white and colored cushions. The seat is made of an upholstered foam mattress, and for the the backrest he has just used a few cushions.

Outdoor sofa and table made with pallets

The only part adapted for the occasion are the sides armrests, cut from an original pallet they also help to strengh the structure of the cabinet, as long as we fix both to the base and the backrest.

Florence thank you very much for sending us your project: D

Do you like this pallet sofa for your garden?