Outdoor sofa with pallets


Giuseppe sends us this outdoor sofa, perfect for the terrace for these summer days, this design is a classic of the pallet furniture, and we already have shown you how to build it in this link. Surely it is one of the best options to furnish your terrace, and also if you complement it with a bar cabinet or a television, there is no better way to spend the summer nights coldish 🙂

Outdoor sofa with pallets 1

The sofa is a little longer from which I already shown you how to build, a total of 12 pallets were used, 8 stacked to form the seat and 4 more to build the backrests. The wood has been painted with a brown color that also helps to protect the furniture.

Outdoor sofa with pallets 2

To upholster it simply have been used 3 bed mattresses and a few cushions. Finally, it has also been added to the set a small table, also made of wooden pallets and a little bit more elaborated. The terrace is also covered with a sheet of artificial turf, a brilliant idea.

Thanks Giuseppe for sending us these pictures!

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