Build a sofabed (futon) with wooden pallets


With this pallet furniture you can use your wooden pallets to give a nice finish to your lounge and take a nap those Sunday afternoons ….

Does not sound great? Yes! So at least it will take a mattress. The truth is you do not have to do so much, just put some of the pallets together to make a frame for a decent sofabed. If you already have made ​​the bed frame, but it lacks of any grace, consider painting or staining some pallets, and nail them to the wall to make a custom header.


If you are looking for a low cost sofa or a chair, keep at your hand some pallets. you might have to deconstruct your pallets before building a chair. For example, to make a beach chair, you should first deconstruct the pallet, cut the long strips in half, make the legs and back doing a weave, finally you should nail the strips in a frame. Here you can see how to deconstruct the pallets:
How to disassemble the pallets?

It may be even easier! Make a futon couch to rest: Simply place perpendicularly two pallets together, side by side, add some wheels under them for easy displacement, and put over the estructure a futon matress, and voila! you have your own pallet sofa.

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