Pallet furniture for the garden


Vanessa’s son fights back with another of his super creations made with pallets, a sofa, 2 armchairs and a table, ideal to equip your garden and enjoy it to the fullest.

Pallet furniture for the garden 1

The sofas are made of whole pallets using the traditional system that we have seen on other occasions, pallets stacked to form the seats, one on each side to make the armrests, and a rear one that builts the backrest, all together in one piece and pre-sanded.

Pallet furniture for the garden 2

Instead the table is made of pallet planks, also sanded and joined on the inside to form a big box, an excellent finish for a perfect rustic garden.

Pallet furniture for the garden 3

To complete the work, 2 cushions attached to the structure of the pallets to make the seats more comfortable and usable after all.

Vanessa Thanks for sending us new photos of the creations of your child.

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