Pallet furniture set with sofas and a coffee table


And we continue with the contributions from our readers, this time dealing with this fantastic set of pallet furniture for the garden: 2 sofas, one of them an armchair, and coffee table.

The inspiration of the sofas follow the one that I explained some time ago at this post, though with some additional modifications that make it more special.

  • Both sofas are covered laterally with pallet planks to improve the end, this can be clearly seen in the following picture.
  • Another feature that makes it unique is the special design of the armchair, in this case we have chosen to put the last pallet a little bit moved backwards, providing to the furniture a more unique personality.
  • Instead of painting the entire set of furniture a dry brush technique has been applied, the function is to give to it a more worn touch to the set. This technique is achieved by using a brush and white paint, we must let dry a little bit the paint on the brush without allowing it to dry completely, and then paint just the splinters and protruding parts of the furniture. We have to apply the paint smoothly and being careful to not paint it too much.

Pallet furniture set with sofas and a coffee table 2

Pallet furniture set with sofas and a coffee table

I love its final result because it tries to innovate within the pallet furniture design, and definitely it does!

Do you like this pallet furniture set for the patio? Do you want to look for more DIY pallet sofas?