Sofa and chaise-long made of pallets


This outdoor sofa with a chaise-longue can be made without many complications. If you want to decorate and get a better use of your garden, and you have enough free time, don’t doubt more and start to look for some wooden pallets! We need nine pallets, 10 if we also want to do the coffe table.

Basically the sofa is composed of 3 main elements, the seat, the backrest and the cushions. I will explain step by step how to make this different points.


Seat: We will configure it placing six pallets of the same dimensions performing an “L” shape, it’s an “L” consisting of 3 pallets and then another 3 pallets over the others to give some height, very easy. We have the option to set them to imporve the stability of the structure, or we can leave them without any glue or nails, because the particular weight of the pallets will avois any movement of the structure, also when we place the seat back against the base structure, the pallets will be all secure.

Backrest: Making the back of the couch is a little more complicated, you have to dismantle the bottom of the pallet leaving just the top with the tables, we will remove the solid wood blocks. Then we’ll fix the seat frame perpendicular to the seat, you will see that with the 3 pallets will not reach us to surround all the support around the couch, but this is not a problem, because we will leave a chaise-longue on one side of the “L”.

Cushions: Finally we have to make the cushions, first we should varnish or paint the pallet structure. After we will do the the cushions with some foam mattress,  we will buy them and cut off as a backrest and seat, fitting into the dimensions of our pallet furniture “L”. Finally we will cover the foam with a fabric of our taste.

To finish it add some cushions decor, bought them at any store like IKEA, so the sofa will be more dressed for your garden. Finally you have completed your outdoor sofa with a chaise-long!

Visit this page to see the 3D plans and a video of this pallet sofa: Instructions and 3D plans of how to make a sofa with pallets for the garden

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