Pallet lounge for your patio or garden


Nothing more and nothing less than from Indonesia, Satria sent us this great lounge for the garden, a full set of double sofa and a nice table 100% made with pallets. With a few pallets Satria has managed to improve the exterior of her home, the end is so good and elegant, the mahogany color of the wood rightly contrasts with the white sofa cushions, using the style of the Balinese décor that we usually can see at the best hotels of Soth-East Asia.

Lounge for the garden made with pallets 1

To make this couch is very simple, you can see in this post the 3D drawings to build it. In any case then I’ll explain you now in a simple way.

To start building one of these sofas we are going to need the following things: 6 pallets, a crowbar, a hammer, mahogany varnish and a brush, nails, a sander, 2 foam mattresses and upholstery fabric.

First from the 6 pallets turn aside two in order to extract the boards and the wooden blocks from behind, they are going to be used to build the backrest. Then stack 2 and 2 pallets that will be the seat, and fix the two other parts behind the stacked pallets. Use the hammer and nails to accomplish this, so all the pallets will be perfectly joined.

Finally we’ll imporve the end of the furniture, so we must sand it completely un til we clean it, and then paint it with the mahogany varnish. Then cut off the foam mattresses with the dimensions of the backrest and the seat of the sofa, and upholster them with a white color fabric.

Lounge for the garden made with pallets 2

As you can see is very easy to build a sofa with only 6 pallets, you can also add another one and make a table as did Satria, and so we’ll have fully furnished our house garden. It’s the best way to take the maximum profit of our space.

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