Reading nook where to get relaxed or a little bed for your pet with only one pallet!


You have a pallet and you don’t know what to do with it? Need a good idea? whether you have a pet or not, I suggest you do this little reading nook hippie style, to make it you just need one pallet! and zero DIY skills.

The concept is quite simple , you just have to cut a pallet in a half, clean it up a bit, and paint it in white. In the next picture you can see how is an original europallet.

Little corner where get relaxed or for your pet with one pallet! 2

If you compare both pictures you will see where you have to make the cut, you can also see how the recycled pallet is a little bit deteriorated, but this is no problem because the rustic hippie style is required, it even looks better than the new one!

To paint it you can do directly do it with any white paint, or mix it with some water and give to the pallet a more “vintage” effect.

Finally decorate it a little bit, we can add some cushions, a tapestry, a carpet, or a blanket… if we want to use it as a reading nook also a lamp is a good idea, and some other decorative objects. It’s like an armchair but in this case it also serves as a bed for the cat ^_^

Little corner where get relaxed or for your pet with one pallet!

Nothing more, I hope you liked my proposal, it can’t be easier!

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