Rustic corner sofa built with pallets


Carol has sent us this sofa made of pallets. Of a considerable size, the sofa is of a rustic style, it retains the original color from the wasted wood, and has been designed to fit perfectly in the corner of the room, in order to maximize the space available.

Rustic corner sofa built with pallets 2

The sofa is combined with other elements that reinforce its rustic beauty, for example both the upholstery of the sofa and the cushions is ecru with some classic draws, and the coffee table is a large beam made of a wooden trunk.

All the holes of the pallets were cushioned or covered with wooden planks from the same pallets, so the cabinet finish is perfectly round.

Rustic corner sofa built with pallets 1

Carol Thank you very much for sending us this very nice sofa!

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