Rustic corner with pallets


If you have a little corner in your garden or patio with a rustic touch, pallets are an excellent choice to improve it and take advantage. Thanks to its recycled origin and that they are made of wood, the pallets fit perfectly in places composed of natural materials and with an irregular appearance. Like the patio that you can see in the pictures, where the wall of stone and clay, and the gravel ground, connect perfectly with the furniture. An old wall, the wall of a farmhouse, a wooden shed… are your best allies for your pallets.

Rustic corner with pallets 2

The furniture that we see in these pictures are some of the ones we already have explained how to do in this blog. A table made with 3 stacked pallets and the pallet sofas using the same system, but adding a backrest made ​​with the top of a pallet. If you want to see some plans and instructions of how to build them, in this link you will find a guide with a very similar example also created with europalets: Instructions and 3D plans of how to make a sofa for the garden with pallets

Rustic corner with pallets 3

Other details that shine in this furniture is the colors used, the use of an ocher color for painting the pallets is no coincidence, the carpenter looked to fit the pallet furniture with the rustic setting of the place, and the ocher is a good solution for it, it seems that the furniture is made of rusty iron.

Rustic corner with pallets

Finally a structure with pine logs has been added and then covered with a translucent, white and very fine fabric; giving to the whole set a chill-out and vintage look.

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