Sofa and bedside table Home Cinema made ​​from pallets


Antonio has sent us this project and it consists of a whole set for the living room. Two sofas and a bedside table all made with recycled pallets and so perfectly conjoined. One of the sofas has been built also with a backrest, that’s because it’s not ubicated adjacent to the wall like the other one, however this sofa has also wheels so we can move it next to the other one and use both as a bed, you can see a example of this in the following picture.

Sofa and coffee table Home Cinema made ​​from pallets

The sofas are made simply by stacking the pallets, and in the case of the sofa that is in the middle of the restroom, a pallet has been attached to the base in order to work as a backrest and hold the cushions. These cushions are made with foam and all are lined with upholstery, even the armrests .

Sofa and coffee table Home Cinema made ​​from pallets2

The bedside table is very unique and is also a very good idea, the top is filled with white gravel and the statue of a Buddha, following a Zen garden style. But the most surprising thing of the table is the electrical installation that Antonio has added, inside he has placed a fluorescent and a stereo Dolby surround system, Can you see the speakers? This bedside table reminds me of one of the cars of “The Fast and the Furious”! This teach us that with creativity and a little skill unique and amazing furniture can be done, and also recycle other elements that we no longer use them.

Thank you very much for your input Antonio, we love your project.

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