Sofa built with a recycled wood box


A large wooden box can be a great option to build a sofa as the one on the photography, as Fernando teaches us not only with the pallets we can build things, sometimes a piece of recycled wood thanks to its shape or characteristics may be ideal to create a new piece of furniture in particular.

Sofa built with recycled wood box 1

Sofa built with recycled wood box 2

As you can see it’s a huge box, which are normally used to collect and store the fruit, with large openings to keep it well ventilated.

Sofa built with recycled wood box 3

The rectangular shape of this box makes it ideal for building a couch, the two longer sides can make the backrest and the seat, and the shorter sides the armrests.

Sofa built with recycled wood box 4

To finish the seat we can use some planks taken from the pallets, cut them to fit in the surface, they are perfect for covering any wooden furniture, can be nailed or glued into the couch.

Sofa built with recycled wood box 5

Fernando finally decided to paint the entire sofa with a bright black color, and add some cushions with the same black and gray tones. He also has set two planks on the armrests to make them more comfortable.

Sofa built with recycled wood box 1

Great result right? So you already know it, if you have more furniture built from recycled wood, don’t hesitate to send some pictures to us as Fernando has done.

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