Sofa made ​​from recycled pallets and skateboards


We recently have recieved this project from Alexander Melo in Bogotá, Colombia. We love the idea of ​​Alexander, which not only combines the pallets to make a sofa, a project that we’ve seen in the past, also adds another recycled element which gives a much cooler style, the use of skateboards to make the back of the sofa, a very fresh and different idea.

Alexander found the pallet on the street, the condition of the pallet was not very good so he decided to disarm it and sand all the board surfaces to give to it a better end, always using a power sander and an electric planer, here you can find these tools. Next he did a mixture of wood ink with gasoline and applied it to all the parts, including also the skateboard tables, and obtaining the beautiful end that you can see in the photos. To seal the pores of the wood he used also a sealant with a catalyst.

Sofa made ​​from recycled pallets and skateboards3

 Sofa made ​​from recycled pallets and skateboards

The next step was to rebuild the pallet with the wooden boards now finally cleaned, but instead of using nails self- tapping screws were used. The Skate boards are fastened to the pallet thanks to a piece of wood that can not be seen in the photos using bolts and nuts, and of course skateboards are also recycled. To give more style to the furniture Alexander also added 4 chrome legs to the base, the were acquired in a store.

 Sofa made ​​from recycled pallets and skateboards2

Finally using a mattress foam and a custom fabric he made the cushions, both the seat and the backrest. Also two straps were placed to fasten the foam to the pallet and prevent the base to move forward with the use. Thank you very much Alexander for sending us your DIY pallet furniture project!

Sofa made ​​from recycled pallets and skateboards4

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