Sofas set for the garden and coffee table


Sylvin sent us this huge sofas and table set that she built for her garden. Using to build them various recycled wood elements, including of course the pallets. As you can see the set consists of 6 double sofas without cushions, like a bench, a coffee table and a side table.

Sofas set for the garden and coffee table

The sofas are built using only pallets, with a technique that is already familiar to us, several pallets are stacked to form the seat and behind them is fixed one that works as a backrest. To make one sofa four pallets are needed, 3 create the seat and one the backrest as we mentioned already, all between them well fixed using glue or nails.

The side table located between the two sofas is just an old recycled wooden barrel, and the most curious piece is the coffee table, which was created using a piece of wooden coil and half wooden barrel. One of the circles of the wooden coil works as the top table, and half barrel hold it, nice idea right?

canape palets

Sylvin great job! do not forget to send us all your projects! 🙂

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