Table and chaise-long set made with whole pallets


This table and sofa with chaise-long has been sent us by Vanessa recently. The result is very similar to other sofas and tables that we’ve seen on this blog, with an excellent result of course, but what really impresses us of this creations is that these pieces haven’t been built by Vanessa, they have been built by her 15 years old son!

The work achieves a superb level of quality, and this shows us again that building pallet furniture is something that is possible for anyone, without diminishing in any way the merits of Vanessa’s son, who has done an amazing job 🙂

Table and chaise-long set made with whole pallets

The cabinets are built using entire pallets, this makes all the work of bulding this furniture easier, since we don’t need to modify or dis-assemble any pallet using complicated carpentry tools.

To make the sofa nine pallets are piled in 3 separate groups, who were joined drawing a “L” to create the chaise-long or the sofa corner. On the back of this “L” 3 new pallets are fixed to form the backrest of the sofa, so in total you only need 12 pallets to create the furniture. Finally, we have added a few cushions to make it more comfortable.

The table is even more simple to build, just 2 pallets are piled. Finally both pieces of furniture were painted blue, for my particular taste I think it’s a great choice that fits perfectly with the cushions fabric.

Congratulations to your son Vanessa! We love your couch, keep it up!

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