How to build stairs with pallets


Another interesting option is to build a staircase with wooden pallets. The idea is super simple, we just have to put the pallets together in stages, so then they end up forming a ladder. The only problem that we have is structural, so if we use the pallets as the only staircase structure, it will not have the enough stability. So it’s important to build this system over two beams, made from metal, wood, or deconstructed pallets, nailing the slats between them. Then you just have to put the pallets building stages until they’ll have the proper height. Finally we will see how we make the finish, basically there are 2 options, the first and easiest is to leave the pallets as they are, this option will give us a unique design ladder! but perhaps it will be a little bit dangerous due to the holes that are in the pallets… so you should cover the remaining holes with new pallets slats. The other option is simply to coat it with either: drywall, plywood, or metal… so you will have a perfect and professional finish.


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