Theatre and grandstand made ​​entirely with recycled pallets and with 0 cost


This is a theater made 100% with wooden pallets, It’s located in Amsterdam and designed by Denis Francois Oudendijk and Jan Korbes. It is shocking to see so many pallets all put together, all well stacked in a big pyramid, it’s probably the only theater in the world where its stands are stacked forming a pallet pyramid. Also if you take look closely you’ll find that the theater stage has also been built with recycled wooden pallets. A great design idea that otherwise would have cost tens of thousands of dollars to build it, instead, just using a little bit our head, it only cost the desire to find a few wooden pallets. Do you want to make your own theater with a grandstand and a stage made ​​completely of pallets? you just need a little bit of space…

Theatre and bleachers made ​​entirely with recycled pallets and cost 0

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