2 in 1 table and plants of pallets


This table contribution suggests us the ease of building with pallets and also their originality. Two big reasons that can give even better results than other furniture for wich people pays hundreds of euros.

A very easy to do project, you just have to put 2 pallets one on the top of the other, you don’t have to do anything else, you don’t have to pin nails… paint… or even deconstruct the pallet… it couldn’t be easier!

And also a very original project, because the touch of the green plants on the table, I have never seen anything close to this table design. Thanks to the gaps between the pallets, and also to the second stage below the upper pallet, we can put some little pots on it and then let out the plants on the top of the table. The plant pots will be hidden inside the pallets and we will have our own garden table.

2 in 1 Garden table made of pallets

The final result is fabulous! you can buy some plants in IKEA, they are very cheap and they have a lot of different species, you can also choose between natural and plastic plants.

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