A barbecue with pallets?


Normally people use pallets to feed fires, as in any conventional fireplace, we must recognize that the pallets are very practical for this use because its wood burns easily… so it may seem a tremendous absurdity create a barbecue using pallets! If they are so easy to burn… it’s not very risky?

Well, to build a barbecue with pallets is possible, it’s true that perhaps the wood is not the best material to make one, iron or bricks are a better solution for sure, but the ease of building things with pallets is unique, and following the proper recommendations you could build one without any problem.

A barbecue with pallets 1

A barbecue with pallets 2

The concept to make one it’s very simple, we just have to create a table with pallets, one level underneath to store the barbecue tools, and at the top level make a hole where to install the barbecue. The BBQ itself should be of iron, as usually are all, and install it on the wooden structure, always being careful that the hot iron does not come in contact with the wood. So we must acquire this piece of iron barbecue previously or recycle one.

you can see the plans to build one in this link.

There’s a second option, which is to install also on a pallet table a barbecue made ​​with ceramic bricks. Ceramics withstands the heat well, and also protect well from the fire the rest of the wood, due to its fire insulation capabilities. The only downside is that the bricks are so heavy, so the structure made of pallets must be stronger than the one build to support an iron barbecue, however this can be achieved without any difficulty, since the pallets in good condition are structurally very solid. You only have to make a crib of solid bricks over a pallet table, joined by mortar, and also close the crib with a brick perimeter for safety.

Well these are all my recommendations, actually I don’t have instructions to make a barbecue with pallets, but I think that with this little guide you can begin to build your own one, don’t forget to send me your project if you dare!

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