A desktop table with no legs with just a pallet


Often, over the years, our house becomes small and we lack of space for work, study or for our children to do their homework. Today I’m going to show you a very interesting and modern pallet design. This is a hanging table made with a single pallet, which will help us to save some space in smaller rooms.


To build this table we have used a Europallet, and we’ve cut it in order to shorter the table. Think that the pallet dimensions, can be adapted to your needs, according to room size or the functionality that you are going to give to the table.

Once we have finished cutting the pallet, we are going to sand the wood using a sandpaper or a sander, this is to achieve a smoother surface. Now that the finish of the pallet has improved we are going to paint it, 2 coats will be enough, don’t forget to choose a color that matches well with the rest of the room.

Once the paint is dry we are going to add a glass on the top of the pallet. It can be bought at a retail store cut with the same dimensions as the pallet, better if you chose a safety glass. Finally we have the table finished, so now we have only to place it. Being on a corner, we can fix it to the wall by 3 points, the 3 corners of the pallet, put on each of them a metal bracket to hold the table. Finally, to ensure the fourth corner, and don’t have to add any leg, hang it with a tensor, we’ll fix it from the table at any point on the wall or the ceiling.

Hope you like it 🙂

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