Auxiliary folding table for wine lovers, made of pallets


Ben, another of our fans sent us this amazing folding table, really the first time I saw it I was impressed by the creativity of its design, which not only makes the table a useful piece of pallet furniture, it also doesn’t takes up too much space thanks to its folding capabilities, and is really nice. The idea was sent us by our Facebook page where you can also send new ideas.

Auxiliar folding table for wine lovers, made of pallets 1

The initial idea as you can see in the picture, is to create an auxiliary table cube shaped, with simple shapes, but that could be extended to increase its useful space, and with also a good interior room where to store wine. To create it’s essential to obtain several pallets, and previously disassemble them and get the wooden planks to configure it, here you can see the instructions to how to dismantle one of these pallets.

The table has basically 3 positions.

Auxiliar folding table for wine lovers, made of pallets 2

The first is completely folded forming approximately a cube, is the most appropriate position to take up as little space as possible, but also it’s useful because we can use it to put things on the top of it, besides the table has a side perimeter that protect the objects from falling down, like a boat table.

Auxiliar folding table for wine lovers, made of pallets 4

The second position extends one of its sides to create a table twice as large, it can be done thanks to the hinges located at one of the edges, and an inside wooden arm that supports the weight of the board. When you open this lateral board the inside shows a small wine cellar, where it keeps several bottles of wine.

Auxiliar folding table for wine lovers, made of pallets 3

The last position not only extends the board mentioned before, it also opens its sides which have lower hinges, opening by its upper edge, unlike the previous mechanism. The wings are opened but they aren’t extended completely, 2 chains attached to them sustain these wings leaving timidly only a little bit of the inside. This new space that shows the table has been used to store the wine glasses, thanks to a wooden plank with transverse cuts, which holds the base of the wine glass placed upside down.

Auxiliar folding table for wine lovers, made of pallets 5

Here I leave you with the draft that Ben used to start developing his project, explaining in a few simple steps how the intelligent mechanism of the table works. Ben’s idea seems really interesting, perfectly executed, I’m sure many wine lovers who follow this blog are willing to build their own wine-cellar table.

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