Auxiliary furniture for the living room


André has sent us this classic style furniture completely handmade. It’s the typical auxiliar table suitable for a living room, a hall or even a hallway, with a decorative function but also a place where we can store different objects inside.

Auxiliary furniture for the living room 1

To build it we have essentially used wooden planks of a recycled pallet, although in the construction also have been used other elements of recycled origin, like the decorative pieces of wood that you can see in the cabinet. As I said these pieces that embellish the table, have been obtained from an old cabinet that was no longer in use, however before placing them in the new cabinet they have been properly restored, sanding the surface and giving the wood that polished look like .

Auxiliary furniture for the living room 2

The knobs of the doors and the drawer are made of iron, of a classic design too they can be obtained from another piece of furniture or just be purchased at a hardware store. Thanks to the old pieces of wood and iron, and also that all the wood has been properly sanded, but not varnished, the table has this vintage look so characteristic.

Auxiliary furniture for the living room 3

André thank you very much for sending us your creation!

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