Bed and nightstand made ​​with pallets


Again our friends of have shared with us this great pallet furniture. Remember that the company works from Chile and can realize any piece of furniture with pallets that you can imagine. You can see many of the projects that they have already made both on their website and their Facebook page. This time they have created a pallet bed and a nightstand of the same line for your bedroom.

 Bed and nightstand made ​​with pallets2

Unlike other beds with pallets that we’ve seen at this blog, this time the bed ends are much more elaborated. The bed doesn’t tries to hide its source material, and can be seen from its design that is made with pallets, however both the base and the headboard are far away from the usual pallet beds, and it seems that its origin may be from any furniture store as IKEA, if you also take a look to the bedside table, we can see that this is even more emphasized.

Once the mattress and the bedspread have already been placed over the bed, the headboard is the only thing that indicates the origin of the piece.

Bed and nightstand made ​​with pallets3

Although the shape of the wooden pallets can be distinguished, both the headboard and the mattress have been constructed using pallet planks, besides of building it with integral pallets. Its creator practices this technique to keep the identity of the cabinet, while improving the finish of it, but this doing it this way is much more laborious, as previously you have to completely disassemble the pallets, to create then from 0 a whole new structure, when indeed building a bed using integral pallets is something very simple, as we have already seen in other posts.

Bed and nightstand made ​​with pallets1

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this bed and nightstand for the bedroom, and that you soon share yours with us!

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