Build a computer desktop with a wooden cable reel


And today from DIY Pallet furniture we continue with offering another option with the wooden cable reels, the following design is to make a desktop for your computer.

Although its design seems a little bit complex, it’s based only on a wooden spool and its construction is not very complicated, you also need to buy some additional strips or removing them from a pallet in order to build the legs of the chair.


As you can see in the photos is very easy to do. We should cut the coil on the sides of the circles symmetrically, removing up the wood sections of the table so then we will get a gap inside. We will place the top 2 sections about 20cm higher, with the help of some wooden slats, we will do this on both sides. The glass is not necessary but placing it will improve the final design of the table.


We will cut the inner cylinder so then we could introduce inside our computer.

On the base of the desktop we also will do the same cuts as in the upper part, but these ones instead of placing them back, we will use them to make the stool, only one of the pieces will be enough. We will put the legs made ​​of the leftovers of a wooden pallet or anything that could work for that.

The design is really nice and the construction is not very complicated, it’s also very practical to place there our PC or our laptop.


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