Build a large table using just 4 pallets


If you have thought to make a table, now you have the perfect excuse to start a project made ​​with pallets. A good proposal that we want to share with you is the table that appears in the picture shaped as a “U”, which is only made with 4 recycled pallets. The other furniture that complements the table, such as the chairs and the paper lamp, have a completely different design between them, giving to the loft a more casual and youthful character.

The result that we have obtained is this elegant piece of furniture useful for working or eating, in which several people can sit without being uncomfortable, with a generous space. This table made ​​of pallets can be placed in a dining room, in an office, a garage or the garden, without clash with other furniture, it’s a very modern piece furniture and can solve many situations. It may be added that the cost to do it is very low and requires no time to manufacture it.

Build a large table using just 4 pallets 1

Build a large table using just 4 pallets 2

Build a large table using just 4 pallets 3

As you can see in the drawings the construction is simple and easy to everyone, you only need those 4 pallets, a saw (always better if it’s electric) and several nails. Do not forget to sand well the table so then the wood will look better, the recycled pallets can have suffered many bumps and knocks, and their state may not be the best.

Hope you like it!

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