Build a rustic nightstand with recycled wooden pallets


Today we present you a beautiful rustic nightstand which is completely made ​​of wooden pallets, it’s curious to see how a so simple table can fit so well in an elegant lounge like the one shown in the photo, and with a so stylized lamp. Rustic furniture always fits in the decor of our home, and this gives us a lot to play with our wooden pallets. To build the pallet nightstand we must first dismantle a wooden pallet, for doing this we refer you to the following guide: How to dismantle a wooden pallet?

Build a rustic nightstand with recycled wooden pallets

 Build a rustic nightstand with recycled wooden pallets_2

Once we have removed all the boards, we will cut them with the needed dimensions to mount the table. 4 strips will mark the height of the table, this strips will come from the beams ​​of the pallet, 20 boards will cover the perimeter, and 6 more will be used on the upper base, however the measures of the boards will depend on the final dimensions we want to give to the nightstand.

 Build a rustic nightstand with recycled wooden pallets_3

We will join together the slats as if we were going to build a box, the axis will be made with the 4 beams from the diassembled pallet, you will have to tie the structure simply wrapping the 20 strips around its perimeter.

Finally we’ll nail the boards above, they will be placed all very close so then the table will be more useful, and nothing would be able to fall in the gaps between the boards.

 Build a rustic nightstand with recycled wooden pallets_4

There’s one last detail that is not necessary but can be a nice add-on, it consists on placing 2 side slats on the table, so then the objects couldn’t  fall to the ground like our mobile phone for example. In the image above you can see closer this last tip.

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