Build a table with a wooden spool


If you want to build a table with something like a wooden pallet, but in a much simpler way than with the pallets, we recommend you to use an electric wooden spool!

The system is very simple, only your creativity can complicate the construction, since in fact the wooden spool is a table, so that’s it! we have the table! Then you will give it your final touch like you can check in the above picture, you can paint it and put over it a tempered glass (tempered glass are those that when are broken they broke into small pieces which don’t cut), the result is quite good for the little work done…



We can also experiment other ways to build the table with the wooden spool, in the image below you can see that we have build the table putting the spool in another dimension, the result is fantastic because once we have put the glass on the top (also tempered for our own safety), the remaining part inside works as a planter, giving us a result very nice and rustic. Nobody would say that this was once an electric wooden spool…


The are a lot of options, in the image below the interior space between the 2 boards is used as a library, and also we have put some wheels under the spool to improve its mobility…


The limit it’s up to you! you can do the design that you want using differents kinds of paints, sprays with templates, or even stick a vinyl… the final result can be like the one you see below, very creative and easy to do.


Here we show you some other inspiring examples of tables made of wooden spools:





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