Caribbean Bar built with pallets


Bruno Leydier shares with us this peculiar creation, quite affordable to build it may be the perfect complement for your summer parties in the backyard, is a Caribbean-style bar and the pallets are the biggest part of this creation.

Caribbean Bar built with pallets 1

The construction consists essentially of three pallets stacked vertically drawing a L, without having to modify them they have only been fixed between them. Then over the pallets have been placed 2 cut wooden tables finished with a plasticized red color, perfect to use as bar as it can get wet without any problem. Finally, to keep things simple in the furniture construction, he has covered the whole pallets structure using dry canes, which can be purchased at any garden store, giving the appearance of the Caribbean furniture that I commented before 🙂 Ideal to drink a couple of Pinas coladas!

 Caribbean Bar built with pallets 2

At the top a shelf has also been installed where to place the bottles from the bar, if you want you can also build it using the pallets.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the garden? Do you want to look for more pallet tables?