Classic table for the living room with 2 pallets


Gonza sends us from Buenos Aires, Argentina, this classic table for the living room, we say classic because you’ve already seen it several times in this blog, surely it’s the flagship project as it’s actually very affordable to build. Pallets hardly have to be modified, and are only needed 2, which really makes it easier to build, you just will need some accessories to configure it.

Classic table for the living room with 2 pallets 1

Here you can see the plans to build a similar one. Anyway to build it you only have to stack two pallets, and as Gonza has explained us, unite them using some screws and metal brackets by its inside. However, before you’ll have to sand all the surfaces and varnish them with a mahogany color, if you want the obtain the same result as the one of the pictures that come in this post, with a more rustic style.

Gonza has also added to the cabinet 4 swivel wheels fixed in the bottom, to improve the mobility, something always useful in a living room; and a glass on the top to work as the table surface and make it completely flat, which will make it much more useful for the everyday use. It’s interesting to use a tempered glass, if any accident occurs the glass will break into small glasses which will not cut.

Classic table for the living room with 2 pallets 2

Gonza Thanks a lot for sending us this wonderful coffee table, don’t stop and continue creating new furniture with the pallets, here we’ll welcome with open arms any new creation from you.

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